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Since the site was restarted I haven't been able to find my way to the
threads so this may be redundant for some---
What are the diameters of the stern tube and packing gland - I remember
they were different diameters? - If the packing gland is the
larger-could it be turned down to match ?
What is the best replacement hose and size? I am assuming it is original
equipment 30+ yrs old   
Yard time in Miami is expensive and I want to have everything ready-
Opinions on whether I should try to change the thrust bearing and how
long would that take?  Size -?
While things are apart-- how hard is it to put in a flex coupling?
Does anyone know how wide the old AL mast head is - I broke my topping
lift in the Columbus Day Regatta and I can't find my notes from when I
had it down last? - at 265 I try to spend as little time up there as
Thanks for the help-please feel free to contact me directly with any
Ideas if these items have been covered.
Randy ---Marisel #385

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