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Here's what I found in my archives about stuffing box hose:

The difficulty with the A30 is that the pipe and
the stuffing box are different diameters. As I recall, the pipe is 
1-3/8" OD and the stuffing box is 1-1/2" OD, meaning that a replacement 
hose either has to be a d--- tight fit on the stuffing box, or the hose 
camps have to be over tightened on the pipe end to prevent a leak.

Mike Lehman
Lewis Marine Supply of Stuart, Florida, (phone 561-286-2118) lists in 
their 2002 catalog, 1 1/2 inch ID Packing Box Hose Part Number HO150 for 
$8.35. The hose is 5 ply marine exhaust hose. I recently replaced my 
hose with this item. Additionally, I purchased a short length of 1 3/8 
inch ID from a NAPA parts store and filed the outside until I could 
insert it in the packing box hose thereby providing a could fit on both 
the stern tube and stuffing box. Of course I double clamped both ends. 
This might be extra work, but I am comfortable with the installation.

Bob Bounds
Echo Gulf #132
My solution to the problem of different diameters on the stern tube and
stuffing box was to make a fiberglass shim on the stern tube. Basically,
my procedure was to properly prep the stern tube (meaning I sanded and
wire brushed all the corrosion off, to give the epoxy some tooth), then
take some 2" glass tape and wrap it around the stern tube, wet out with
epoxy. It took about 3 wraps, I think. I managed to do it within a few
thousandths of an inch (I measured it with my calipers, and recall
thinking - doggone I'm good. It was very very close. But that was mostly
luck, IMHO). The hose slid right on, very smoothly. Anyway, it doesn't
leak and has performed very well for this season so far. I just used the
regular 1.5" stuffing box hose. I am much more comfortable with this
solution than I am with radiator hose. I bought my hose from Viking
Marine supplies in Annapolis.

I did not shim the stuffing box. My stuffing box was doggone close to
1.5", and with 2 hose clamps, it was plenty tight (no leaks so far, and
I am knocking on wood as I say this, since the boat is currently in the
water and it's pretty cold here...)

As far as putting the fiberglass on the stern tube, I did it in two
separate applications. I cut the tape to length and width before mixing
the epoxy, and test-fit as a dry run. My experience with epoxy is that
it's best to have everything well planned out before you even put on the
gloves. Also, have some rags handy, you're sure to spill some. It's a
contortionist act just getting back there. I hope your engine is out.
That makes it much easier.

I applied the glass in two wrappings. I think each of them went around
the tube 2 times. It was 6-oz tape, I think. I found that if you go for
more than 2 wraps, things start to slide around, and it's better to let
the epoxy kick and come back and put on some more. This allows you to
carefully control diameter as well. Be sure to wet the tape out before
you put it on, apply epoxy to the tube, and then squeegee the whole
sheboing. It takes a little finesse, but should come out well if you're

Now that I think about it, if I did it over again, I would put it on one
wrap at a time. it will take longer because you have to wait for it to
kick before you can apply the next layer, but it will give you more
precise control over the final OD. Also, it will reduce the likelihood
that you'll mess everything up by trying to do too many wraps at once.
If you have the time, i would do it thataway.

J Bergquist
Calliope #287

I did a web search on hose and found these:

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