Fw: [Public-list] In search of Folding Sink

Richard Mair r.mair at sympatico.ca
Sat Nov 20 19:53:55 PST 2004

Brian and Elaine Timmins wrote:

>>Is there any more info on the folding sink. I never knew there was such
>>a thing. Would love to see a photo if anyone has one
>>Richard 609 Into the Blue
>  It's the absolute worst photo I ever published for others to see, but
>click the link below, then "Free Spirit Album 2", then page 2. The top row,
>center, dark photo shows the sink. (also shows how dark it can be when the
>flash doesn't go off).
>Brian  ex#497
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>Public-list at alberg30.org
Thanks. I took  a look. I am guessing that the round bit is the sink. It 
loks as if it goes up to the white area above it.  Nice Looking  Boat  


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