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George Dinwiddie gdinwiddie at alberg30.org
Mon Nov 29 18:52:31 PST 2004


Whitby used a number of rudder fabrications over the years, starting 
with wooden rudders.  Based on the age of your boat, I think the best 
place to start is Ralph Bluntschli's article in the maintenance manual. 
  He describes the construction of the rudder of #123 in good detail.

As for making a new one, perhaps the best thing is to make a mold and 
lay up fiberglass.  Mine (#543) is made with two fiberglass pieces and 
filled with a hard foam resin.

  - George

Lincoln Finkenberg wrote:
> I've lost my rudder.  I'm in the process of researching a replacment
> and thought the best place to start was with the Albergers. Is there
> a manual that contains the dimensions? Along with necessary hardware
> (much of it decided to leave with the rudder)? What or how is the
> rudder made (plywood, glass, and then more plywood, glass?).
> Specifics on the hardware is incredibly helpful also.
> Its on an older Alberg - so it has a rudder post (no stuffing box).
> I visited Sabrina's website where he refubished a rudder - lots of
> excellent pics that gave me a good idea of the mechanics of the whole
> thing.  Along with the Alberg30 website that had some very prescient
> insights.  But, I'm pretty much making best guesses - so the input is
> sorely needed.
> On the off chance someone has one laying around - I'm in the market
> for a rudder. If things get daunting -- recomendations for a rudder
> maker (hardware included) are appreciated?  Or someone know someone
> who can readily fabricate the hardware located around the rudder?
> What's left is the metal pipe sticking through the rudder post that
> runs 12" or so then bears forward about 5" or 6" - everything is else
> completely gone.

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