[Public-list] Transplanted Yooper wants to crew on the Chesapeake

Zinser, Brian BZinser at mes.nmu.edu
Wed Sep 1 05:28:25 PDT 2004

Below is some correspondence I have received from my former slip mate
(she actually owns a Cal 27 which is still berthed next to my Alberg on
Lake Superior) who is had a mid-life crisis, quite her school
psychologist position here in Upper Michigan and decided to move back to
the East Coast.  She is a good sport and would make a great addition for
anyone looking for a crew member on the Chesapeake.  Her name is Judy
Jones and she can be contacted at:

jjonesstar at aol.com

Brian Zinser
#134 Manana


Sure - let's cast our net on the sailing thing.  I had some minor
surgery and am on the mend but figure it might take some time to get an
invite for sailing so sure - just remember to tell them I'm not a
20-something bikini clad yada yada yada.  Geez, maybe you shouldn't be
too honest, eh?  Well, I'm sure you'll give them an accurate
description.  LOL


Sorry to hear about engine troubles with the boat.  Seems as though this
will go down as a rather so so summer for sailing on Lake Superior!!!  

I am most interested in "hooking up" with anyone who sails over here.
My mom lives about one hour from the bridge and Annapolis is just a hop,
skip, and jump from there.  Anything you can do to facilitate my meeting
some sailors for the sheer pleasure of sailing here would be great.  Be
sure to tell them I'm a sassy, but congenial, middle-aged woman who has
some skill but lots of enthusiasm!!!!!!!  Plus, as I like to say -- I
can be a good galley slave!  I would be willing to drive great distances
for a chance to sail.

So.........no hurry........but, if you get a chance -- see what you can
do -- I will forever be in your debt!  How is the rest of your life
going?  Still house hunting on the east side?

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