[Public-list] Gas Fuel Tank

Bill Newman newman423 at sympatico.ca
Tue Sep 7 11:54:36 PDT 2004

I am thinking about a winter project to replace the steel fuel tank (gas) which is mounted on a shelf in the starboard cockpit locker of #233.  I put this tank in as a replacement about 6 years ago.  What I am considering is having an aluminum tank made that would approximately conform to the shape of the bottom of the locker.  The bottom of the tank would be supported against the hull by strips of wood or rubber or plastic and be mounted as low as possible.  It would be tied down by straps attached to fittings glassed to the inside of the hull and to fittings mounted on the inboard bulkhead of the locker. It should be of some advantage to get this weight lower in the boat and should also reduce any concerns about corrosion in the steel tank suddenly leaking gas into the boat.

Has anyone seen an installation like this or have any comments on its merits?

Bill Newman
Marion Rose III, #233

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