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chris.lawrence at sympatico.ca writes:
Dave, my wife, who is Thai, and who gets seasick just thinking about boats,
has nevertheless fallen in love with our A30 (#500). 

On hearing your story she immediately went to the Thai Temple in Toronto to
have the monks chant a prayer for Alberg #306. While I truly believe this
will help, I also know that you have one of the best built sailing vessels
ever launched. The Alberg 30 has demonstrated over and over the last 40
years that she will usually remain standing when others cannot. In this age
of terror and unprecedented natural events, the strength and character of
the A30 should be a blessing and inspiration to us all.

Best of luck and Godspeed.

Cirrus #500
Chris Lawrence
Chris, I humbly thank your wife for her Thai prayer chant for A306. Having 
spent a number of years cruising in Thai waters, I do wish I had access to some 
prayer wheels to spin myself.
Ole Coober Pedy may not be in the past life just yet . . . they just cannot 
find my boat in the debris. Having a look at the pictures on www.stormcarib.com 
  makes the un-comprehendible, understandable.

The Grim Reaper's Dragline has cut a wicked path across the Caribbean. Where 
will his path end?
Thank you, Dave

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