[Public-list] Need new sail advice

Gail Peterson-Masengale saru308 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 14 15:17:58 PDT 2004

For the cruising Albergers,

Well, it looks like it’ll be about time to replace the
sails on #240 after this season.  I’ve made inquiries
regarding the cost for a new no frills cruising main
and 170% genny with Airforce, Cruising Direct, North,
Quantum, UK, and Ullman and have received such a wide
range in pricing for what appears (on the surface) to
be essentially the same product, I must say I’m now
totally confused.  Adding to my confusion is the fact
that I have never had to purchase sails before--this
is my first experience.  

I now ask your advice on who you’ve purchased sails
from in the States and your overall satisfaction with
the loft, cost, durability, and overall performance of
the sails.  I’m not looking for a set of fast
screamers, but do want to rest assured I won’t have to
worry about them for several years without breaking
the bank.  Thanks in advance.

Best wishes,
Gail Peterson-Masengale
A30 #240
(The newbie still on a steep learning curve)

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