[Public-list] New site available

Brian Hofler bhofler at shaw.ca
Mon Sep 20 17:22:21 PDT 2004

Hello All:

I am attempting to begin a new A30 information exchange site in the Pacific
Northwest. Log on to westcoastalberg30 at yahoo.com and it will take you there.
It is an attempt to create a site similar to the Albin Vega site (one I
belonged to originally). It is not intended to offend, recruit or take
members from other lists and / or groups. Please feel free to register and
upload any files, pictures, tips information etc. The files allows you to
leave information permanently for other A30 owners to share. For instance,
some of the comments regarding re-powering are of interest to all of us. It
was mentioned that there is an Atomic 4 engine re-builder in the Vancouver
area...The address is www . atomic four engine service . ca. I will post it
on the site.

Brian - Putachieside

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