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Do you have any experience with steaming?  If so, have you noticed that
steamed wood conforms with the exact bent shape after dry or does it
a little toward the original shape?


If the steamed wood is not fastened in place while hot there is some
"spring back".  The amount may depend upon the species.  Some people
"over bend" a bit to take care of this issue.  Note that in laminating a
tiller (or beam for that matter), the wood is generally not steamed but
is ripped into strips that are thin enough to bend to the curve.  The
faying surfaces are then coated with glue (i.e. epoxy) clamped in place,
and then left to dry.  Once the epoxy has cured, there is little, if
any, movement. Use lots of plastic or wax paper to keep the epoxy from
gluing the work piece to the form and clamps.  

Ross Horton
Delphi, 40

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