[Public-list] Three Tape Method

David Timmins dtimmins at alberg.ca
Wed Sep 29 14:13:51 PDT 2004

Simply put, the 3 tape method of bedding and calking means laying down
3 layers of tape as a mask. The idea is to be able to peel away 
layers to get rid of excess material.

Step 1
Pre-fit the fitting to be bedded.
Step 2
With the fitting in place, lay down
a layer of tape around the edge of the fitting.
If it's a round or irregular shape, use small
lengths. Don't try to stretch the tape around
a radius, this will weaken the edge of the tape.
Step 3
Each time you add a piece of tape to a layer,
make sure there is enough tape under it to lift
the next piece (on top).
Step 4
Once you have a complete layer down, burnish it,
then repeat the procedure 2 more times.
Step 5
Do the same procedure to your fitting.
Step 6
Remove the fitting and flood in you caulking
or bedding material. Replace the fitting
and start to secure it.
Step 7
As your bedding material squeezes out,
use your sculpting tool or rag to remove
the excess. After each pass remove a layer
of tape from the deck and fitting, repeat the
sculpting until all the tape has been removed.
As the layers are removed, you'll have less and less
bedding left behind and after the last layer there should be
no need to remove more material.

Have lots small rags available (a big rag becomes a mucky mess after
one pass, the same rag cut into smaller hunks is more efficient).
Have somewhere close-by to dispose of the rags and the tape.
I used a big cardboard box and it filled up quickly.
This may sound like overkill but this method works well especially
for port lights where Silicon is involved.
You can use fewer layers of tape when bedding fittings with Sikaflex or 
as these products are a little less messy to work with.

For port-lights, I used a variation of the procedure.
It worked very well and I'll post it another time if there is interest.

David Timmins
Elusive, Alberg 22

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