[Public-list] Alberg 30 v Alberg 29 - what are the differences?

Gordon Laco mainstay at csolve.net
Fri Sep 3 09:33:58 PDT 2004

We have a number of A29's up here; in general, they are heavier, have much
straighter shears, uniformly sized ports, shorter counters with transoms
that are more vertical that the '30.  Their rudders are squareish in
profile, they are slightly beamier, they were fitted with Cinkel white
enameled masts - good sticks but heavier looking than ours.  Also, they
usually cost two to three times what a decent A30 does.  They were built by
Allan Nye-Scott, the same fellow who built the Alberg 22.  He was a very
good builder, but I am not so fond of that design.  And of course a
reasonably well sailed A30 will go rings around the A29.

#426 Surprise

> I've never seen an Alberg 29 in person, but I can tell you that the
> Alberg 29 was one of Carl Alberg's last designs.  It's a beamier boat
> and came standard with a wheel.
> - George
> On Fri, Sep 03, 2004 at 10:12:39AM -0600, John Kennedy wrote:
>> I saw an ad for an Alberg 29 on the west coast. Can someone explain to me
>> the differences between the 29 and the 30? Are there pros and cons, one over
>> the other?
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