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Great to hear from you. As long as the folks in the area didn't sustain any
injuries, the other things can be repaired. Good luck in putting everything
back into shape.

Best regards,

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We are still here!!!   Some repairs are in order.  Most of the boats
survived Ivan.  Power finally back on.  Some boats that anchored out have
not been retrieved.  Three beached nearby, and some as far as Fort Morgan,
that anchored in the bay during Ivan.  

 I have about three piers worth of wood on my beach.  Been working for three
days trying to get the wood away so I can get to the beach from my stairs to
my beach.  It is amazing how much wood landed on my beach from this storm.
I walk south down the beach from my tiny hamlet and all the piers are gone,
only two stand defiantly, looks as if built by the same builder.


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