[Public-list] Lexan or Acrylic ?

James Schueler jschueler at familyempowerment.org
Tue Sep 28 07:13:32 PDT 2004


	I'd be interested if you don't mind. I would like smoked lexan
instead of clear and would need to know the shipping charges to
Middletown, NY. That's about 70 miles north of NYC.

	Also, has anyone ever made a cradle for the boom? Before I try
to come up with a workable design I'd like to hear from other Albergers
who may have already built one or decided against it.


James Schueler
"Oddyseus" #170

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This summer I had a local glass company make new port lights with 1/4"
(I did clear but it also comes in colored tints) using the old ones as a
template.  He did all eight for about $110 plus 7% tax.  I would be
happy to
ask him to make more if anyone is interested.


Roger Kingsland
Chief Boat Boy
PERFECT intentions, A30 #148
on the hard at N40° 33.945' W79° 51.260'

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> One of these days I'll write up the portlight replacement we did at
> Spring Maintenance Rendezvous.
> On Mon, Sep 27, 2004 at 05:17:15PM -0400, David Timmins wrote:
> >  Thanks everyone for your input, looks like a even split
> > between the two materials. I have posted a sampling of
> > your comments to the Alberg 22 Group. They can draw
> > their own conclusions and chose the material that they feel
> > most comfortable using.
> > A ban saw is defiantly the tool of choice when cutting acrylic
> > When a full sized sheet has to be ripped, I've noticed my guys
> > raising the table saw blade to it's full height to help dissipate
> > the heat.
> > I think that I have this group to thank for the "three tape" method
> > of bedding... pretty sure I read it here.
> > I used that system with great success when bedding my
> > port-lights and again, more recently, while re-bedding all my deck
> > hardware during
> > Elusive's refit.
> > If I'm mistaken about the source of this information , let me know
> > I'll
> > post it... saved me from getting silicone and bedding material over
> > everything.
> > David Timmins
> > Elusive AL 22
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