[Public-list] Plexiglass in Sliding Hatch?

Peter Staehling staehpj1 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 23 15:04:06 PST 2005

I am still mulling over my options for the hatches and
seat tops where the wooden inserts are self

It occurred to me that it might be nice to put
plexiglass (lexan?) in the sliding hatch on the
companionway.  I imagine that it might make the cabin
hot in some circumstances but a canvas cover would
remedy that.  It seems like cutting out a rectangular
window where the wood was would be easy and a recess
could be cut with a router to inlay the plexi so it
would be flush.

Would the big hole weaken the hatch too much?  How
thick should the plexi be?

In rainy or chilly weather when things are closed up
the light would be nice.  Smoked plexi hatch boards
are tempting too.

Is is any of this a bad idea for some reason?


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