[Public-list] Alberg 30 History Spreadsheet

Robert Kirk isobar at bcpl.net
Mon Feb 7 11:32:50 PST 2005

 I always wondered about the long previous life of  Isobar before 
I was lucky enough to come aboard, and I imagined that other folks were 
interested in the history of their boats, too. Through the courtesy of 
Ralph Bluntschli who saved copies of the Chesapeake Bay Alberg 30 
Association Handbook  from its first issue in 1966, I was able to make a 
spreadsheet of the boats & owners of all our members. I was going to have 
the spreadsheet printed and given to all the folks who came to our 40th 
Anniversary Dinner as a souvenir, but the spreadsheet turns out to be very 
long and awkward  at least the way I formatted it - and is really 
incomplete since we don’t know the background of the boats that never 
cycled through our Association. (Of course, why any A30 owner wouldn’t have 
joined is hard to understand, anyway.)  So I asked George Dinwiddie to post 
the spreadsheet on the A30 web site. He posted the spreadsheet as 
http://www.alberg30.org/boat/A30BoatHistory.xls and referenced on 

Having the spreadsheet on the web site will let everyone download it and be 
able to read or print out just the part that interests them, although it’s 
great fun, too, to browse through the whole list and get a feel of the 
breadth and history of our boats. Please enjoy.

It’s also an opportunity to get more input beyond our old membership 
rosters and from anyone who can remember the history of their boat beyond 
what I have entered. It would be great to hear from the Great Lakes folks 
and elsewhere. If you can help fill in the blanks for unknown boats, years, 
owners, & locations, please email me and I will keep updating & reposting 
the spreadsheet until we know where every Alberg 30 lived for every year of 
its existence  including when those few boats  sailed to Valhalla.

A couple of notes on my conventions:

1. I have hidden columns B-AF to make it easier to read, but those columns 
are where the yearly history of all except the last few years are stored. 
Just highlight the first two columns and use the Excel function 
Format>Column>Unhide to show them all.

2. The US vs KC designation is not entirely clear. As far as I can tell, 
Whitby gave dual numbers to only the first 22 or so boats  maybe fewer. 
Those boats with dual numbers need  a US or KC to differentiate them. Later 
boats don’t, even if  they usually use the prefix, so I’ve left them off.

3. The “Kept” column, AR, is not necessary and can be confusing since one 
owner could have “kept” his boat in several different creeks & marinas 
during his ownership. I only added it since it’s given in the Handbook in 
most cases and was easy to enter. Feel free to ignore. The “Location” 
column is very useful, though.

4. I only filled in the years I could verify from the Handbook, knew 
personally, or got from the Internet signatures. Please fill in the blanks.

5. The numbering may not be 100% accurate. Whitby/Hanson apparently was a 
little cavalier on his numbering system as some of our past discussions 
make clear. By building the spreadsheet I was able to correct some 
misnumbering in a couple of handbook issues, but there are still 
discrepancies. For instance we seem to have two 227’s which I’ve indicated 
with an asterisk. That may be Whitby’s mistake or the owners. Any help 

Bob Kirk
Isobar #181 (whose history I can now trace back to it’s commissioning)

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