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Villo Marmei marmei_v at pathcom.com
Sat Feb 5 10:14:29 PST 2005

FIRE ????... You fellows are kidding...EXPLOSION is the word.
Years back, 100 yards out on the lake...right in front of my cottage and my 
very eyes, a classic wooden power boat exploded with a big bang and 
engulfed in a huge orange colored flame. When we went to rescue the boaters 
there were 2 dead and one badly burned person. The boat?...nothing left. 
The lake....full of floating debris,anywhere from 3ft blanks to match size 
That is gasoline for you.

Mind you...Proper Marine Education,fire and operation safety would have 
avoided that.
What do they say?...4% of gas fumes mixed with air is already a dangerous 
source for an explosion. Also gas fumes are heavier than air and slowly 
drift down,collecting into the bilge,waiting there for you to light your 
cigar or that electric spark.
Propane and Butane are also heavier than air and should be treated with 
outmost care.
A safe sailing to you all.
Villo KC641

At 06:41 AM 2/4/2005, you wrote:
>It's not the A4 that's the problem in the Alberg, it's the gas tank When 
>we were looking for a boat about 14 years ago and decided  on an Alberg, 
>the first few I looked at had a distinct gasoline smell. They had pinholes 
>in the tanks. (This was a problem, also, in the classic 1964-68 Ford 
>Mustangs, where the gas tank was the bottom of the trunk and the fabric 
>liner collected moisture and rusted pinholes in their tanks.) When I smell 
>gas on a boat I get right off it, having seen the results of gas fires on 
>boats. We lucked into an Alberg with. an almost new diesel, with which I 
>feel more comfortable.
>- Gordon White, Brigadoon II
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