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Brian - Last summer I installed the Facet Electric pump from Moyer Marine,
FPMP_01_44, 2-3PSI based on reccomendations from Don Moyer. I've had no
problems with it but have only operated it 12 or so hours.

Moyer sells it for $85.00

Rinn Duin #272

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I was wondering if anyone had some reccomendations for fuel pump
replacement.  My Atomic 4's pump died at the end of last season.  It turns
on for a moment, then seems to freeze up.  The pump isn't the original
mechanical type, it's an electric Facet model 574a.  Specs on the internet
say its a 4psi pump, and it's replacement costs is about $155

My question is about alternative pumps.  Since this pump I'm replacing
isn't the original, I was looking for a less expensive pump.  I saw a
Facet pump on ebay listed for a VW, rated 2-4PSI.

Can anyone tell me any reason this pump wouldn't cut it?  I know it's
rated 2-4PSI and the pump Im replacing is rated 4psi, but the engine
nearly runs even without the pump, fromthe rate the fuel siphons down from
the tank through the dead pump... it leads me to think the 4 psi pump in
there now might be overkill.

Any suggestions?

-Brian Palmer

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