[Public-list] Goodbye

John Bailey baileyje at voyager.net
Mon Jan 10 18:33:54 PST 2005

Just wanted to let everybody know how much I appreciated this site 
over the past 6 years.  6 years ago I purchased "Zevulun" sight unseen 
and having never stepped foot on a sail boat.  She was the perfect 
teacher and I learned to sail.  Every time I had a problem, I was able 
to turn to this site and get great advice.  When I broke my forestay, 
you guys walked me through the process of putting up a new one.  When 
I wanted to add a holding tank, this site gave me all the pro's and 
con's (I went with a portapotty)  When the old girl needed a paint 
job, we had experts help me give her a beautiful black hull.  When the 
diesel smoked a bit, I got better advice here than from the 
machanics.  I took your advise and it never missed a beat.  The Alberg 
30 group is by far and away the best group around. (I have belonged to 
4 others)  There is no comparison.  I am a woodworker and the 
woodenboat bug has attacked me.  I've sold "Zevulun" to a good home 
and I've started my search for a good boat building project.  However, 
I will always remember the great Alberg 30 and the people that own 
them.  You are an outstanding organization.  Thanks for the good years.

John Bailey
CoreComm Webmail. 

John Bailey
"Zevulun" #33

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