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Brian and Elaine Timmins timmins at optonline.net
Sun Jan 23 14:04:49 PST 2005

Hi Andy,
  I have CNG in my current boat. It's wonderful to cook with, safer than
propane, but a real BIT**  to refill. My boat is in Brooklyn NY and to
refill, I drive to Mamaroneck. My other choices are far out on eastern Long
Island, or UPS back and forth to the guy in Rhode Island.
 I know that there is at least one supplier of CNG bottles in Annapolis
(Port Annapolis Marina), or at least they used to do it.
 The Corp Bros. site lists almost all of the CNG suppliers. They used to
sell an adapter so that the bottles could be refilled at your local CNG
Station (if you have any). There are several in NY for the taxi cabs that
use it. From what I understand, if you leave the US, you will probably be
completely out of luck for refills. A lot depends on your intended cruising
  If you decide to go with CNG, Bacon's usually has a few bottles for sale.
I would suggest picking up at least one spare. (way cheaper to buy a bottle
from Bacon's and exchange it for a full one, than to have to buy into the
exchange through the dealer).
  On the other hand, when I rebuilt the galley in my ex Alberg 30, I decided
to go with an Origo, non-pressurized stove. Pretty much a drop in
replacement and much safer than and easier to use than the pressurized
Brian  ex#497-A30
          current, S/V Calico Jack  LF39 #66
Sorry about the ramble. Just back from the Philly Boat Show and JUST
finished digging out the 18" (or so) snow.
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From: "Andrew M Shaw" <andymshaw at juno.com>
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Subject: [livaboard] CNG

> Hi Folks,
>                 I am rebuilding my galley and am looking towards CNG as
> my fuel source. Now I know there are a lot of propane fans out there,
> especially those of you who travel great distances where availability is
> an issue, but I would appreciate anyone's input on this.
> Andy Shaw
> Alberg 30 # 477
> St. Mary's River, MD
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