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If you plan on using this product, if you could please provide feedback. I
am not ready to repaint the interior of the Alberg, but have the same
condensation issues during the spring and fall as others. 

I find leaving the forward hatch a little a night reduces the condensation
when we are sleeping. As for dandruff, not an issue. If you have any
chemicals that can grow hair send me a note.


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I wrote earlier about an insulating interior paint that was $250 a gallon.
I did some research on a less costly solution and found these guys
http://www.hytechsales.com/heat_transfer.html who make a ceramic additive
that works with any paint.  Just add 1 quart of their magic dust per gallon
of paint.  A quart costs $13, they recommend two coats minimum.  It can be
spray painted (remove the filters); you can add thinner to make up for the
thickening caused by adding the ceramic powder.  They also claim, the
additive makes the finish harder and easier to clean and helps with acoustic
absorption.  They did not say, however, that it clears up dandruff.

If anyone is interested, their site explains the technology. It is a NANA
2003 Spin Off Technology Product.  For $26 more, I think I will give it a
try now that I am finally ready to paint the interior of #148; of course, I
thought I was ready three months ago.  I sure hope that long term masking
tape works.
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