[Public-list] Water Tank volume

richard.hazlegrove at wachovia.com richard.hazlegrove at wachovia.com
Mon Jun 27 09:07:27 PDT 2005

Pete,  on Quest, (liner boat) my  tank holds around 24 gallons.  I 
measured it several years ago when I installed a simple tank gauge. 

The gauge, if anyone's interested, was made by drilling a small hole in 
the top of the tank and epoxying a small copper tube through the hole to 
the bottom of the tank.  The top of the tube sits about an inch above the 
top of the tank.  attached to the top of the copper tube is a clear 
aquarium type plastic tube that snakes down across the bottom of the stbd. 
drawer cavity and emerges at the very bottom of the liner next to the 
bulkhead.  There the clear tube runs up the bulkhead just inside the 
forward cabin.  It is attached to a strip of wood about the size of a 
yardstick that has tick marks on the wood.  The water level the tube 
mirrors that in the tank.  There is a little cap on the top of the tube to 
keep any water from jostling out when healed.  I used a one gallon jug and 
filled the tank marking off each increment on the yardstick.  around 23 
gallons it's pretty close to the top but can hold just a little more 
before overflowing. 

Unlike everything else on my boat,  it always works.  Probably more than 
you wanted to know, 

Richard Hazlegrove
Quest #433
Mobjack Bay, Va. 

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