[Public-list] NYC Raft Up - members

Patricia O. Meinhold pmeinhold at comcast.net
Fri Jun 10 05:10:54 PDT 2005

I'm envious with the mention of a raft-up near Sandy Hook and the Jersey 

The Navesink River (via the Shrewsbury River off of Sandy Hook Bay) has 
some quieter coves, but there is a low bridge that only opens on the 
half hour - might be a big deterrent.  The other deterrent on a weekend 
is that most of the boat traffic is power boats and Jet Skis, so there's 
a lot of chop.

Enjoy yourselves!


Alfredo wrote:

>ok, so now we know it should be an overniter with some cruising
>involved. Now the question is Where? 
>I've been to Sandy Hook once or twice and found it nice and mellow.
>What other destnation do others sugest? Maybe something up river? or
>maybe we can try an open ocean raft up. having one boat hove-to and the
>others tied up to it!   ...just kidding!!!!  


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