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Mon Aug 13 06:28:23 PDT 2007

At our boat yard we rent a pressure washer with a diesel fired boiler that makes extremely hot water from our local rental center for stripping really tough paint and non-skid. Its remarkable what you can "wash off" with one of these. They come with four tips for the wand. Start with the widest one first and wear serious protection (the narrow tip will cut right through denim pants and the water is so hot it will blister the skin instantly if it runs back onto you). We have a regular gas powered pressure washer for cleaning hulls but the boiler type is much more effective and used where the regular washer won't touch the material.
For really tough applications you can soften the coating first with products such as these.
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Hello everyone,
  I have a silly question. Mara's decks are in excellent condition. The non-skid shows no sign of wear after 44 years of use. They are solid with no soft spots but the old paint has seen better days. It is tired and chalky and needs to be redone. Every painting instruction I have come across always tells you to sand first. This is a no brainer in a lot of cases, I mean how else does the new paint bond with the old paint, but I do not want to touch the non-skid considering it is in such excellent condition. So my silly question is how do I paint the decks without sanding off all of the non-skid and yet allowing the paint to bond and not have to redo it very year due to flaking off etc?
  Mara #127

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