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Don Lang potatosailor at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 13 14:19:42 PDT 2007

Hi David.

Ya, it really is impressive to see one of those washers in action, I had no idea how powerful they were until I used one myself.
In some areas on my boat the non-skid is badly damaged or is no longer there as a result of a previous owners efforts with a grinder.
I thought about pulling a mold from an undamaged section to use to repair the damaged portions but due to the large number and extent of damaged 
non-skid it made more sense to take off what is there and start anew.
Below the waterline we are taking the vessel down to bare glass and then applying 2-3 coats of Pettit Protect (A high build, 2-component epoxy primer), followed by one coat of black Pettit Trinidad Pro for now
(contains 76% cuprous oxide and irgasol anti slime agent)  then three more coats prior to launching.
The epoxy paint is not UV protected so we have to overcoat it with at least one coat of antifouling paint, Pettit
 said to hose this down periodically and it would be fine for a couple years in the sun on the hard.
For the topsides we are using Awlgrip (cloud white) with either a red or gold boot and cove stripe.
On deck; Pettit Easypoxy Undercoater then White Semi-Gloss Pettit Easypoxy (a Blend of
 Polyurethane⁄Silicone⁄Alkyd), followed by Sandstone Easypoxy with skidless compound (silicone oxide) added to it which should help cut the glare also.
Below decks; Pettit Protect in the chain locker. Pettit Dura-White Satin Cabin Paint (water based, provides a moisture resistant, mildew proof finish that will stay white, bright and good-looking. Guaranteed mildew-proof.)

Cheers, Don


what to you plan to repaint with?  I use West Marine's gray non-skid and find it very acceptable. The grit comes mixed in - you just have to make sure the paint is stirred when you pour it in the tray. A roller worked fine and a brush for close work. A couple of years ago Practical Sailor gave it very good marks when they looked at deck paint. They skipped it last time. about $70 per gallon. One gallon would cover the deck four times.

I did sand mine off with a small angle grinder and 80 grit disks I purchased at Home Depot - I did not want to get it all off - just smooth it down. The underlying coat varied in depth and looked bad
 - the result looks good to me.

The power washer must be terrific - I doubt if ours would have done that kind of work

David, 432 - Scholarship

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