[Public-list] seacocks: Marelon/Bronze

Randy Katz randyk at bertschi.org
Wed Jul 4 18:13:47 PDT 2007


I put a Marelon seacock for the engine SW inlet (bronze in two places
     in the head) because the thing attaches horizontally. Wanted less
     weight. I see now that the others are installed, though, that
     with a hefty backing plate (wood + epoxy) there was no need to
     worry about the weight aspect of bronze. (I know that ABYC-- or
     whomever-- requires up to a 500# force capacity on the
     through-hull seacock arrangement. I'm not going that far.)

The boat came with three marelon ball valves-- I've never had the
    broken handle problem . To me the threads seem more the weaker
    point. I'd guess they'd strip before handles would break off.
    Anyone have that experience?

Razndy Katz
Seattle/Bellingham WA

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