[Public-List] Holding Tank Questions (John Riley)

Randy Katz randyk at bertschi.org
Tue Jul 24 18:25:06 PDT 2007

I hagve the same head with a 15 gal holding tank under the stbd
  v-berth, just the other side of the bulkhead. I have two vent hoses
  (clear poly, about 3/4 in. dia) that I have run back into the head
  and up into the dorade over the head. This seems to work fine. (They
  say that plenty of ventilation will moderate head odors. I think I'd
  agree, for the most part.)

It's rigged for over-sides pumping out (legal in Canada) with a Y
   valve and a Gusher pump.

We probably get a few days worth of use between pump outs. Depends on
   how much water you flush with when finished, whether or not you
   mostly pee overside, etc. I can open a 6" cap in the tank top to
   monitor its fill rate (icky!) but having some other way of visually
   assessing fulllness would be very handy.

When the tank is full the head ppump action stiffens up noticably--
    don't push beyond that or you'll be sorry. Pressuring the system
    is asking for a bust-out, if you know what I mean.

Good luck-- and remember-- no TP down the head, this in order to avoid
   clogging. I've taken it apart once (when replaceing through-hull
   fittings) and it's no phun!!

Best of Luck,
Randy Katz

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> I noticed the holding tank vent routing on the Alberg30.org site,
> and
> like the motivation behind doing it that way. I was wondering though
> if
> there were any seaworthiness concerns, ie taking on water into the
> tank
> in conditions that bury the bow or knock down. I welcome comments
> from
> those that have their vents lead to the bow.
> Also, I hope to be ordering one of the Raritan 14 gal holding tanks
> (I
> really wanted something bigger, but ... ), and was hoping someone
> could
> share about how many flushes between pump-outs they get.  I will be 
> using it with a Raritan PH-II head.
> Thanks,
> -- 
> John S. Riley
> #521, Gaelic Sea 

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