[Public-List] for BellSouth internet customers

George Dinwiddie gdinwiddie at alberg30.org
Sun Jul 29 09:55:21 PDT 2007

I've just restored the subscriptions of 5 Bell South customers who were 
disabled because their email was bouncing.  It appears to be a bad 
configuration on the Bell South side.  The diagnostic message was:

Diagnostic-Code: X-Postfix; host gateway-f2.isp.att.net[] 
said: 	550 [PERMFAIL] bellsouth.net requires valid sender domain {need 
mx} (in	reply to RCPT TO command)

While requiring a valid DNS MX record for an email sender is a good 
anti-spam strategy, such a record does exist.  I can only guess that 
there was a problem with this Bell South machine's DNS lookup at the 
time.  Those of you with bellsouth.net accounts may want to contact your 
Customer Support to inquire as to why they're bouncing your email.

You can read what you missed in the archives.  See 
http://alberg30.org/public-list/ for that.

  - George

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