[Public-list] Cockpit sole

dusseaultj dusseaultj at videotron.ca
Tue Jul 10 15:28:44 PDT 2007

Our Alberg30 is #446 and had a balsa core cockpit sole.  It denaminated
badly about 12 years ago.  Our solution was to drill hundreds of 3/4" holes
through the top layer of the sole fiberglass.  We then extracted all the wet
core with wires etc. and a shop vac.  We then pored in a some epoxy resin
(not to fill in the space between the FG layers yet.  We then cut narrow
strips of fiberglass cloth and pushed them into the cavity to give some
lateral strength.  Then we pored in the rest of the resin till all was full.
The next day we sanded everything flush and covered the area with a nonskid
material.  The cockpit sole has been hard as cement since!  Good Luck!
Jacques Dusseault
Synergem Management Inc.
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Gatineau, Quebec
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