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Mike Lehman sail_505 at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 30 10:31:21 PDT 2007

Hey John,

The tank works great - we have never had any problems with seawater 
infiltration through the vents. It is important to have 2 vent lines to 
provide an exchange of air and to create an aerobic environment in the tank. 
Odor comes from bacteria that grows in an anaerobic environment, not the 
contents of the tank, so the vents have to be clear to provide that 
exchange. Hoses should be the higest qualtiy possible because odor can 
permeate the hoses. I use the double-wall rubber sanitation hoses ($10/ft.) 
but they last a long time.

As for the capacity - with two people aboard a 14 gallon tank will give us 
about 4-5 days between pump outs.

I like Jim Davis' suggestion about vinegar and will try that. I use a 
product called KO (available at West Marine) that help prevent odors from 
forming. My tank has been installed for about 10 years and is clean and 
fresh smelling.

Mike Lehman

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Subject: [Public-List] Holding Tank Questions
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I noticed the holding tank vent routing on the Alberg30.org site, and
like the motivation behind doing it that way.  I was wondering though if
there were any seaworthiness concerns, ie taking on water into the tank
in conditions that bury the bow or knock down.  I welcome comments from
those that have their vents lead to the bow.

Also, I hope to be ordering one of the Raritan 14 gal holding tanks (I
really wanted something bigger, but ... ), and was hoping someone could
share about how many flushes between pump-outs they get.  I will be
using it with a Raritan PH-II head.


John S. Riley
#521, Gaelic Sea

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