[Public-List] fixed vs sliding boom gooseneck attachment at mast

laserandy at aol.com laserandy at aol.com
Wed Aug 6 05:08:24 PDT 2008

I prefer the sliding gooseneck.? When raising the sail with the sliding gooseneck, you don't generally need a winch handle to put any tension on the halyard, you simply raise the boom above where you want it by bowstringing the halyard, and use the downhaul to tension the luff after you've tied off the halyard.

The con to this is that you always have the weight of the boom hanging on the luff, this is a detriment in light air.? Eventually I may install either a movable track stop or some other system to pin the gooseneck in light air, or I might just continue to live with it the way it is.

Andante - 152


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