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mahseer at kos.net mahseer at kos.net
Mon Aug 11 06:40:23 PDT 2008

> John,
> Can you tell about the process of removing the cabin sole?  That is,
> how and where it was attached.
> Did you cut it into the three sections before you got it loose from the
> floors (framing beneath)?

 I cut the sole at the aft end of the forward floor hatch and the forward
end of the aft hatch.  Removing the centre section was made easier by the
fact that the stringers were rotten and the metal floor screws rusted
out, these screws having been installed before the finished flooring was
installed.Since I was on the hard this allowed the side filler to relax
and help removal, now, when in the water I cannot remove the centre

> I take it those are the original floors that were there?
> It looks like it was pretty much the same as my boat before you started
> (that is, the dividers and such look like they were in the same
> places).  You must have removed the "sub sole" and ground off that
> tabbing before you painted (?)

The sub floor was rotten as were the stringers so removal was very easy. 
I lowered the sub floor to allow installation of the batteries as shown
all flooring was 3/4in ply and glassed in with one weep hole for water
egress.  Since I was installing 5 batteries I could not install sold
athwartship stringers so just beefed up the centre one.

> I thought about removing my sole at one point (before I glassed the top
> of the ballast pig), but I didn't.
> By the way, is #380  a "Generation 1" boat?  Or is it a "Transitional"
> model?

I believe 380 is a transitional model.
> Thanks ahead for the info.
> Rachel
> #221
> On Aug 10, 2008, at 11:02 AM, mahseer at kos.net wrote:
>> Derrick
>> Go to the alberg web site look in maintainance/disorganized/batterybox
>> and
>> you will see what I did with the space, also what it looks like below
>> the
>> sub floor.
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