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If you google "Solomons MD bed and breakfast" you'll get at least 3 results all with good reviews.
I would definitely recommend 'CD Cafe' in Solomons for dinner.
Savannah Rose #477  St. Mary's River, MD 

-- "Roger L. Kingsland" <r.kingsland at ksba.com> wrote:
Hi Folks,

Wife Jeanne and I are taking daughter Morgan to her 1st year at American
University in DC on Sunday and I got a call from a prospective client in
Hughesville, MD that I might visit on Monday.  Hughesville is about 30 miles
west north west of Solomons pretty close to the Pautxent River.  I was
hoping I could rely on some local knowledge to recommend a place we might
stay Sunday night; might give us a chance to celebrate/lament the loss of
daughter to higher education.

Does anyone have recommendations for places in or near Solomons or up the
Pautxent?  We would love to find a nice B&B on the water.  Also, any
recommendations for nice restaurants in the area?  Anny suggestions would be
greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much,

Roger 148

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