[Public-List] Sling points for haul out

LindaW lrwillow at toad.net
Fri Aug 22 20:28:00 PDT 2008

Not sure exactly, but last time Wooshkeetaan was hoisted, I think the 
rear one was about a foot aft of the cabin and the forward one was just 
ahead of the forward shroud. The lift driver knew the boats well (and 
doubtless has a practiced eye!) and as soon as she was up and over 
ground he rigged a heavy line between the two lift straps below the 
swell of the bilge to keep the forward one from sliding up the slope of 
the bow. The rear one if placed too far aft will put pressure on the 
rudder which can be discerned at the tiller before lots of pressure is 
applied. May she swing safely! RogerW

John S. Riley wrote:
> I'm on deck for haul out next week.  The yard asked if the sling 
> points were marked, and they are not.
> Does anyone know the sling points for the A-30?


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