[Public-List] Dismal Swamp 11/2

Jim Davis a30240 at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 2 17:26:25 PST 2008

Yesterday we made it to Portsmouth, VA.  We refueled, spent the night and made the 0830 locking into the Dismal Swamp.  Tomorrow it will be up at 0630 and on the Elizabeth City.  We have linked up with Brian and Lydia on Luna Blu and are going to explore NC for a couple weeks before returning home.

Yesterday in Norfolk harbor my  cell phone got soaked.  A 50+ foot power boat named "007" came by us at about 40 feet and his wake broke over the side.  Everything on deck got drenched.  To answer the question, Yes I did call the rectum on the radio and told him what I thought of his wake and the way he was dragging his rear end through the water.  Hopefully in the next couple days I will be able to replace the phone.

The weather here today was short sleave shirt, but it is supposed to get colder in a day or so.  So far a great trip.

S/V Isa Lei
CT 35

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