[Public-List] Lorrie Rose is not for sale

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Hi Dan and Don, 

With my move to Michigan and the hauling of the Alberg 30 next spring to Michigan I will be the closest to having the three ingredients of me, the boat and big water together in the past seven years. 

My recent post perhaps gave folks the wrong idea.  I was just reminiscing about the wonderful relationship owners have on this list and looking back to when I first purchased # 133.  I am a bit melancholy about keeping her for so long in storage.  I did promise her that she would be kept out of the weather until she was to be sailing again.  I have kept that promise.  There is only one thing worse than not sailing a boat and that is subjecting them by neglect to a slow death on the hard unprotected from the weather. 

Naw.............she is not for sale.  The recent turn of the economy will perhaps delay the investment of money to her refurbishment, but there is much that I need to do which is purely labor and not much money. 

Sorry to mislead you.  Selling the Alberg 30 would be like cutting off my arm to save my life......................I would have to ponder it for quite some time.  Besides, I have to return the favour of sailing fun to all those who have humoured me while my boat was on the hard,            ;-) 


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michael have u been drinking? are you selling your boat? i am confused 

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