[Public-List] Lifting Alberg 30's

crufone at comcast.net crufone at comcast.net
Fri Nov 14 06:38:46 PST 2008

John and all, 

Thanks for your insight.  

Some have suggested raising the boat while on the trailer or cradle by using the screw jacks.  I never thought that was a good idea.  Even though I have three jacks per side with 16" square carpeted pads I felt that the point loading would damage the hull.  Please comment. 

Also please comment on my procedure of placing the aft strap thru the prop aperature to just scoot the boat forward the final 12" to the bow stop.  When the Travel Lift operator does this the forward end of the keel is sliding al ong on the carpeted keel support while the aft end of the boat is only lifted enough to scoot forward. 

To unload the boat from the trailer the operator places the aft strap thru the prop aperature and scoots the boat aft 12" or so with both straps, only raising the boat ever so slightly to allow it to slide on the trailer's center keel support.  The boat is then set back on the trailer and the aft strap repositioned under the aft section of the keel just forward of the rudder shoe for the lift into the water. 

BTW is the horn beam that thicker part of the hull just above the rudder? 


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