[Public-List] Thanks to All

John Riley jriley at dsbscience.com
Sun Nov 30 21:37:52 PST 2008

I just wanted to extend my thanks to all on this list and especially to 
those who have contributed to the A-30 site.

We are a family of FOUR living aboard Gaelic Sea, #521.  We moved aboard 
about 4 weeks ago and are doing fine so far.

Among the specifics: this summer, installed head+holding tank per Mike 
L's outline on the site.  Good stuff, works like a champ.  I admit I was 
skeptical about installing two vent ports in my bow, but I cannot 
complain and I certainly cannot argue with results.  The system works.

Right now it's blowing hard and raining. In the past week, we've had 
snow (flurries) twice and 20 degree nights most nights.  Northerners 
might laugh at this, but for our first weeks aboard, it's something to 
say we are doing a-ok.  We are in coastal North Carolina.

Anyway, THANKS to George and all on the list.  Hope to give some updates 
soon with some trip reports and links to photos.e

John R.
s/v Gaelic Sea
A-30 #521

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