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Roger L. Kingsland r.kingsland at ksba.com
Tue Aug 4 07:11:40 PDT 2009

Hi Albergers,

I have nothing where the head used to be, even filled in the thru hull
holes, so it's a clean slate for good old 148 when it comes to excrement
solutions.  At one time I thought of putting the head in the hanging locker
on some kind of slide out contraption so I could put a real sink to port
(with hanging space on each bulkhead); not sure about the (critical)
ergonomics though.  

The air head toilets http://www.airheadtoilet.com/advantages.html seem
pretty cool because they have a full time ventilation fan (pun or not?) but
I have to calculate the adtnl power drain.  My wife is a big time gardener
so maybe I can convince her to "stir the compost".  

I thought of installing a temporary porta-potty for day sails on the
Pittsburgh rivers but I am afraid it will be hard to tack the big jib with
that out house bolted to the foredeck.  Has anyone one tried a smaller one
mounted below?

My marina on the Allegheny River has a pump out facility but I have never
seen it in use.  I asked one of the power boaters about what they do with
you know what and they said, pump it into the river.  I guess the current
flushes for everyone but I now go pretty far upstream before swimming.      

Roger 148

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Has anyone put a 'residential sized bowl'/compact footprint head into 
their Alberg 30? It's a 'Comfort Mate' model.

One reason for not putting a full size head bowl in a boat, particularly as 
small as an A30, is that it uses up more water which fills your holding 
tank faster.
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