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It's always great to hear from you and about out of the box solutions (or
should I say, in the bag solutions).  The problem with conventional holding
tanks is their capacity represents an all too practical, finite restriction;
fill it and you are out of action until it gets emptied; the adventure
interrupted on account of effluent; the practical trumps the romantic; "shit
happens" and shit wins.

The really cool part of the WAG Bag option is its potential to free us from
this finite restriction.  How about a big WAG Bag that substitutes for a
holding tank;  fill it, add the magic dust, zip it, stow it, install another
and keep on cruising.  So, instead of pulling up to the marina pump out
dock, putting on the surgical gloves, you know the drill...; you continue
the great adventure unencumbered by the realities of the conflict between
regulation and necessity.  Boat name, "Bowels to the Wall".

All the best.

Roger 148

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I would recommend considering WAG bags as an option.  They're "legit,"  
clean, and are legal and safe to toss in the trash when you're done - so no
clean up.  You can use them with their toilet frame or with any other bucket
or hassock or whatever.

They've been used by the military, so they're not just an anti-
establishment hippie product :D

You can check them out here:


ex #221

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