[Public-List] Maintenance Seminars... Thank You!!

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Many thanks to Brian and Mike for making this information available to us in the frozen north and Hinterlands. Have any of the previous sessions been taped?  I am certain Gord's presentation was entertaining as well as informative. 

BTW.  I appreciate the CBAA humouring the remarks that I make from time to time on the Public List.  While I am not part of the core Chesapeake Group I do love the boat and the folks associated with her.  I could see how my comments specific to the Chesapeake Alberg 30 Racing Rules would appear as meddling in someone else's affairs.  Mike Meinhold was particularly gracious in receiving comments from the Hinterlands. 

I feel lucky that our association is just as fine as the boat it supports.  Other classes should be so fortunate. 

Michael Connolly #133 

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Brian Palmer, is creating a video of the seminars and they will be posted on the Alberg 30 website. 

Mike Lehman 


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