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I remember looking at your boat in Port Clinton, OH.  On #133 my manual Bilge pump in located in the Starboard locker.  It is of the tubular type, a la Beckson and the locker must be open to operate the pump.  This is the factory original set up on my boat and not a good arrangement, but is does function. 

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   Last May I was fortunate to buy "Bluejay", #372, built in 1969.  I live 
in Maryland, but she had spent her sailing life on Lake Erie.  She was a 
one-owner boat and apparently was sailed regularly out of Port Clinton, 
Ohio.  As her previous owner had retired and moved to Florida, she was 
passed on to his son, living in Maryland.  She was hauled to the Chesapeake 
but for whatever reason never used.  The son finally put her up for sale 
last year.  Other than some new sails, the boat is essentially unaltered 
from her original state.  I had her hauled to my home last summer and have 
been slowly (but surely) getting her back to seaworthy condition.  I have 
re-worked the atomic 4 engine and she runs well.  I have replaced all the 
toerails with new teak.  The hull was a very faded (but otherwise sound) 
royal blue, and I've re-painted with Interlux Perfection royal blue.  All of 
the old thru-hulls and original gate valves have been replaced, with the 
addition of seacocks this time.  I'm slowly dismantling the interior and 
refinishing the teak.  And while this has been alot of work, I'm ha 
ving a great time as I go along. 

   I'm currently looking to install a manual bilge pump.  My understanding 
is that Whitby had originally used whale gusher 10 pumps.  I don't know what 
happened to the original pump in Bluejay, but there is an access plate just 
behind the port locker lid in the cockpit.This plate is about 6 inches in 
diameter.  I'm assuming the pump had been situated under the seat in that 
location.  I have obtained a whale gusher 10 to re-install, but the exhaust 
pipe from the engine passes right through the same location.  The pump can 
fit, but there isn't enough room for the diaphragm to move in and out 
wfithout bumping into the pipe.  So obviously something isn't right.  I 
could move the exhaust pipe further to the outboard side but it would then 
probably start interfering with access to the port locker a bit.  I'd 
appreciate any suggestions or explanations about the original placement of 
these items.  Thanks for any help. 

Ed Knickman 
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