[Public-List] Chain Plates all the same?

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Fri Mar 27 05:57:49 PDT 2009


I would think it very unusual if all Alberg 30's had the same size chain plates drilled in all the same places.  From what I have heard and seen of the mfg plant at Whitby it is highly unlikely that these plates would be identical from boat to boat. 

I was going to jump in on Rogers offer to purchase the ss only in a 6 foot length and then cut and drill my own plates..........that was until he jumped on the offer to have Larry Morris make them for him.  Alignment and the holes being in EXACTLY the correct place would be critical for this installation.  I my book it would be foolish to do other than custom make new plates using your boat's  originals as patterns. 

OH, BTW if you replace one plate at a time there is no need to un-step the mast.  Now being in Florida you might want to wait for the latest hurricane to pass before removing a shroud.............;-) 

Michael #133 

To use one set as a pattern is a good idea... IF all boats are the same. So 
the question I ask is, Is this necessarily so? I would hate to have some 
made to the pattern and find that they don't fit. 

As it is, since I am in Florida an my boat stays in the water year round 
(and gets used year round), I would hate to have to take the mast down to 
get all six chain plates off and then wait for the postal service to do its 

So, bottom line, are all boats chain plates the same? As a new owner, I 
haven't a clue. Hopefully some of you old heads will have the answer. 

Bongo Bob Norway 
S/V Beowulf #488 
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