[Public-List] A-30 pulpit replacement

Alexei Kassatkin kasatka1 at suddenlink.net
Fri Mar 27 14:18:11 PDT 2009

Have any of you Alberg-30 owners had to replace, or repair your bow 
pulpits or stern rails?  I'm embarrassed to say that I had a mishap 
this AM, while backing "Blue Heron"  out of its berth.   In doing so  I 
managed to bend one  of the detachable legs of my pulpit and deform the 
base affixed to the deck.    The stern rail had some damage to it when 
I purchased the boat, and was wondering if anyone had a source for this 
type of metal work, or possible replacement.  I'm located in a fairly 
remote area of Northern California, with little in the way of marine 
salvage, or metal working resources.  I'd appreciate any help you can 
provide.  Thanks,  Alex

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