[Public-List] Problems

Patricia O Meinhold pmeinhold at comcast.net
Wed Mar 4 14:49:04 PST 2009

Roger -- I rec'd an ad from SPFStore.com and included it below for you. 
Enjoy your day tomorrow. :-)
Rinn Duin #272

Whether you have multiple personalities or just the occasional "sunny" 
day, we have the perfect way to show your colors.
In honor of *Multiple Personality Day*, March 5, the *SPFstore.com* is 
giving you a chance to refresh your persona. The more ways you choose to 
express yourself, the more you save. Get red or black for the power 
persona, blue for calm, green for those down-to-earth days, brown for 
leading the trend or purple when you're just a bit regal. You pick the 
color, you pick the tee. Choose your brand: SPF®, GaDay^TM , 
Aquaweave^TM , Columbia® Sportswear, whatever's right for you. Mix them 
up any way you like with savings that multiply...

Roger L. Kingsland wrote:
> Dan - Sorry I should have been more specific; I was referring to email
> problems, not mental ones (actually, the voices in my head can sometimes be
> very comforting).
> Best - Roger 


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