[Public-List] Barrier Coats and Blisters

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Fri Mar 20 05:16:42 PDT 2009

> Jeffrey,

After removing all traces of the VC 17 redo with an ablative paint like
Micron CSC or equivelent. Apply a different colour for you base coat
before your top coats.  This will let you know, when the bottom coat show
through it is time to re apply.

John Boor


> After two or three years, the hull should be pretty dry.  It's not
> likely to do anything radical, barrier coat or no.  I'd leave it the way
> it is.
>   - George
> Jeffrey wrote:
>> Hi Everyone,
>> I bought the boat 16 months ago, and will be putting it in the water for
>> the
>> first time in two or three years. I've begun the process of removing
>> VC17
>> bottom paint so I can apply something suitable for salt water.  Under
>> the
>> VC17 I'm seeing what looks to be a gray barrier coat, and lots of little
>> blisters, all less than 1/4 inch. The blisters are not wet or pop-able.
>> I
>> can't tell if the are old, older than the barrier coat or came after the
>> barrier coat.
>> Anyway, I need to decide what to do.  From all my reading on the
>> subject,
>> barrier coats are the way to go, based on common consensus. A couple
>> weeks
>> ago my plan was to strip off the paint to gelcoat, and add an epoxy
>> barrier
>> coat before repainting. Since then I've found these small blisters, and
>> what
>> appears to be a previously applied barrier coat. I went and read every
>> single email in our mailing list email archives with anything to do with
>> blisters and barrier coats. It would seem A30s don't like barrier coats.
>> Many posts of people adding barrier coats only to get blisters shortly
>> afterwards. Many in the list who don't have barrier coats - have no
>> blisters.
>> Some of the emails I had read in the archive were fairly old, and I'm
>> wondering if the opinion is any different today. Are there any folks out
>> there that had blister problems with bare gelcoat, then added an epoxy
>> barrier coat and it solved the problem? Do I...
>>    1. strip the barrier coat and repaint (perhaps fill some of the
>> little
>>    craters first),
>>    2. strip barrier coat and add new 2009 technology barrier coat,
>>    3. leave the present barrier coat and repaint.
>> If anyone is interested, I've got a photo of the blistered hull here:
>> http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/7yBDtHzbaYagcz09224_WQ?feat=directlink
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