[Public-List] Sails

richard.hazlegrove at wachovia.com richard.hazlegrove at wachovia.com
Mon Mar 30 07:10:34 PDT 2009

I second Mike's comments on the Schaeffer 1100.  I have had mine for about 
ten years and it performs flawlessly.  I had my sailmaker set up my #1 
(170%) and #2 (135%) jibs for the furler.  I also had him add a foam luff 
setup on the #1.  This allows me to reef the sail down to about 130%-140% 
without losing too much sail shape.  As Mike and Gord suggested,  it's 
nice to have the additional sail area on the Chesapeake during the summer. 
 I often swap out the #1 in the spring and fall since the #2 is cut a 
little better for upwind work especially in stronger winds.  It's also a 
little easier to see around. During the summer however,  nothing beats 
that additional sail area,  especially off the wind in light air. 

Richard Hazlegrove
Quest 433
Mobjack Bay, VA. 

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