[Public-List] Introduction from Tiana (#436)

George Dinwiddie gdinwiddie at alberg30.org
Tue May 5 17:23:26 PDT 2009

Hi, Dennis.  And welcome aboard.

If there's anything you find puzzling, I'd be glad to take a look at it 
with you.  Calypso (#543) is hauled out at Oak Harbor at the moment, 
just a little further up Rock Creek.  And White Rocks isn't far, by 
land, from where we live.

Also, I've got a number of Atomic 4 parts, if you need them.

  - George

P.S.  If you've still got the home-made through-hull, I'd like to get 
some photos of it.  I've only got one that's fallen apart.

Dennis K. Biby wrote:
> Ahoy,
> I've been lurking on the the list for three weeks, but only over the
> past couple of days, have I begun work on Tiana (#436).  I appreciate
> the wealth of information on the alberg30.org site and the willingness
> of A-30 owners to share their experience.
> After a careful inspection and input from the previous owner, I
> purchased Tiana at White Rocks Marina (Chesapeake Bay) where she has
> been on the hard for a couple of years.
> So far, I've removed the Mansfield sewage system, galley sink and head
> input thru-hulls (one was the pound-it-over-a-washer type), engine
> intake thru-hull, head discharge gate valve, etc.
> The A-4 is seized and I plan a couple more tricks before moving to Plan
> B.
> My previous boat was a Pearson 35, Sun Po, that I sailed and lived
> aboard for 19 years.  I began on the Chesapeake, then sailed San
> Francisco Bay and northern California before crossing to Hawaii.

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