[Public-List] outboards

Dennis K. Biby sailor at aweigh.com
Sat May 9 14:39:36 PDT 2009

Thanks to all.

I've heard from those who fret about hobby-horsing and I've heard from
some who are quite satisfied with an outboard.  Because I'm an avid
kayaker, one suggested that I get a very long kayak paddle.

As the original poster, I suspected that an outboard was not ideal.  I
tend to sail whenever possible and principally use the noisy, smoking
beast for docking.  If there are 3 foot seas or waves to punch into,
then more than likely there is some wind.

Current is a whole 'nother problem of course.

No, I don't sail on calm, protected waters.  I read about Jean de Sud
before posting, so I know that his outboard solution worked for him.

The A-4 comes out on Monday - after three days of removing alternator,
starter, distributor, water pump, exhaust manifold, carb, fuel pump,
head bolts, thermostat dome, fuel tank, and several square inches of
hide. Oh yeah, I have the head bolt pattern etched in my chest from
laying atop the engine while removing the shaft bolts and rear engine

Rubik was a simpleton with his cube, obviously not a sailor with an A-4.

s/v Tiana (#436)


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