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Hi Dave, 

Personally, I enjoy the 'soft' look of an oiled finish.  My boat #133 has what appears to be the original oiled finish down below and for the most part it is still in serviceable condition.  The sole has turned dark from traffic and dirt, but the cabinetry and trim is still in nice shape.  Unfortunately (depends on the way you look at it) my bulkheads are laminated with melamine.  This makes for almost no maintenance but detracts from the nautical look. 

With the rest of the natural teak on the boat, I suppose that I should count my blessings. 

My understanding is that when a boat was originally ordered the potential buyer could tweak a bit the amount of natural teak used for the interior trim.  Thus the boats interiors vary a lot from boat to boat. 

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Hi all, 
I want to brighten up the interior of Sapphira (A30 #417).  After I clean 
the teak, should I oil it or Cetol it?  I use Cetol on the exterior wood but 
I'm looking for guidance based on experience for the interior. 

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